Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Eternal struggle

so, in an effort to get improve my work, I've decided to diversify my output greatly. Moving away from solely character design stuff, to commercial illustration, comic book style work and all others.... keep your eyes peeled.

Here's the bat for ya!

Thanks for dropping in,


Friday, 17 May 2013

First time out!

Well then, I suppose we better start with something. This month I drew a picture for the LAIKAhouse creative challenge. It was about Mothers.

Here's my effort:

If you felt like giving it a 'like', it'd be very much appreciated and I could win a load of Laika stuff! Awesome :) Just follow the like : I wanna like Josh's picture!

So this is where I'm starting from. The idea of this blog is to track my artistic development. It'll have sketches, finished drawings, ideas, notes and any thing else that I feel like plopping down on here. It's my place on the web.

I just want to get better. It's a fight, but a fight I'm raring to get stuck into.

Thanks for looking.